umm… I’m not drunk

Tonight after work I met my boyfriend for some drinks at his friends house. People say things sometimes when they are think your drunk because they think your drunk and your not…

Tonight my boyfriends friend said “I want to f*** your face… And your a$$”. How the flipp am I supposed to respond to that?!?!?!

I just pretended I was drunk

More Updates to my life

I  still love the new job.

Me and the babysitter have been going to the lake a lot since its summer. We have also been just going out a lot like to a bar or a club.

The house is pretty much clean all the time.

I still can’t cook and I’m still a lazy bum. I’ve been gaining weight… I have flipping Celsius now! How the heck did that happen when I’m only like 115 lbs?

I have no money now because the new job doesn’t pay well… its been really hard because I’m somewhat of a shopaholic

As far as frizzy lizzy goes I do shave my legs but lately I haven’t been feeling girly. I need to start doing my hair or something.

School starts again in about a month. I’m nervous because I’ve been out for a while. but I’m only taking two classes. Managerial Accounting and Calculus

I’m going to a community college for business then I’m going to transfer to a university.

Still have no friends really just my family and my boyfriends friends. (sometimes I still say babysitter but I think we are close enough for me to call him my boyfriend. Its been three years already!)


Ok so there are the updates. Looks like I still need to start cooking and working out and make sure I do good in school. Maybe make a friend from class and doing girly things or something


Oh and budget! I need to start budgeting like crazy because I got a huge pay cut but I still want to do everything I do! I’ve heard is a good place but I’m also a little scarred of putting my bank account into that site. I used to go to this blog calls wisebread and get some ideas from there. Look like I got to start that again.

Updates to my life :)

I’ve been really enjoying the new job. Extremely low stress 🙂 and easy. I don’t think its sketchy anymore just… into business only and making money.. But anyway  I don’t understand why the girl before me made it sound like it’s such a hard job. She is still so bitter towards the company. She filed for unemployment and figures the administrative assistant handles unemployment paper work. Then Today she called me and left a voicemail and said she is suing the company and lawyers think its best if we didn’t talk at all. I’m thinking thank God! All she ever did was say negative things to me and that I should quit as soon as I can. But NO WAY!!! Like I said before I want to stick it out and get all the experience I can from this. They are paying me pennies but Admins can be paid as much as $16 an hour and even more if you’re an executive assistant.


The new job has had me shaving my legs a lot. I have to dress professionally at all times so I’ve had to do some shopping.  I got some nice blazers and business dresses and skirts. I just need shoes but that will have to wait until pay-day. But anyway this summer fizzy Lizzy isn’t going to be a problem.


I won a contest! Can you believe that! What are the odds?! I got a kindle fire HD. I used to think I would never get a kindle and I was so against any kind of eReader because books are the way to go and if we don’t keep books everyone will be dumb and never read ever. But I love this thing! It does have a ton of books for free they have a ton of TV series.  Ok maybe I don’t use it as a eReader as much as I should be. But anyway I love this I can download episodes so it saves and then you can watch it even if you’re not online. I started watching The Sopranos. I’m on season 3 and I think I might have to stop because I’ve started saying the “F” word! I never cuss!!! But the series is soooo good!


Another thing I want to mention I downloaded an app called “the Fabulous” and I think it’s really helping. It just gives you little reminders to do good things like eat breakfast and drink water.

Sketchy Job….

With the new job I have been going to bed at like 10  PM! That super early for me and for my boyfriend who works a grave yard shift.


I just typed boyfriend instead of babysitter… I guess we are at that stage now..


Anyway, other than my sleeping patterns there are some things about the job I’m a little unsure about.  Monday will be the start of my 3rd week so no longer in training and I’ll be all by myself. Within the two weeks I’ve been there three people have quit! One is including the girl who is training me and she says they do have a high turn around rate. Not so happy about that… I’m wondering if the company is so bad that people just leave or if the boss is so bad or… who knows!? All the positions except mine are paid off of commission so I’m thinking it has something to do with that.


I did get yelled at by one of them. And it wasn’t even my fault. The admin position that I got requires that I do payroll and that got messed up and I got yelled at for it. The girl who is training me is sooooooo…. umm… dumb isn’t the right word but she is something like that. Anyway she is the one who talked to our payroll person not me so really I didn’t make any mistake but still got yelled at. Whatever I don’t really care because it’s not a mistake that I made.


Come Monday I really have to see if I can do this job because no one will be there to help me anymore. The other people who work there don’t really know the admin position so I’m alone on this.


I’ve been watching so many YouTube videos just on being a good admin because I really really really want to do good in this position. If anything just to get a better admin position but really just to prove to myself I can do it. I’ve always wanted an office job! When I was little I remember writing out forms on paper and handing them out just because I saw business women doing it. My favorite character on The Rugrats was Angelica’s Mom. She was the only parent that seemed to have an actual job (well I think Susie’s mom was a Doctor but what the heck did everyone else do?).

Anyway I’ll hope Monday I remember everything they tried to train me on!

Hairy Bikini

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

not me! Its on the website for the place I get waxed.

It’s that time again. Ugh I got to wax! We are taking a trip to the lake this weekend and I got to wear my bikini so that means I have to get it all off! Yesterday I got my full body wax. The only thing I don’t wax is my legs and my arm pits. Legs I think just because I shave them so much the hair won’t come off. I’ve tried before and it was really worthless because only the thin hairs on my legs came off and most of them are so thick. Also because getting your shins waxed is super painful! Same reasons for the armpits.

It’s about $230 to do this but if your hairy like me than of course I think its worth it. Now I can wear my bikini and not have to worry about my hairy stomach or back. I should have taken a before picture :\

Is This Chicken Raw?

I’m trying to cook. Really I am! I just can’t do it!!!! I brought some chicken drumsticks and thought I would make some baked fried chicken. I followed this recipe

IMG_20140505_191204_179I got to say the crust was really good and crispy but… I think it might have been a little raw. My babysitter said he just put it in the microwave for about two minutes and he said it was fine but.. I’m upset with myself! I can’t even bake chicken!

Especially now I feel the need to cook more. Now that with my new job my lunch is at noon (which is when I used to wake up!) I’ve been stopping at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A or where ever else and it’s not doing me any good. So I got to learn to cook already!!! UGH!

finally a job!

Yay I finally got a job!


Funny thing is I now work for a staffing agency. They were trying to find a job for me but ended up hiring me on with them! But im happy I found one and its for an administrative assistant which is what I wanted to do! I’ve only worked one week tomorrow starts my second week. I’m technically still in training but the job send pretty easy.

I have to get used to waking up early and not sleeping at 3am. And I had to buy some good work clothes. Never realized they were so expensive! But its a good investment because I’ll use them at different jobs in the future.

I want to be positive but I do have some things to say about this new job. It seems the company has a high turn around rate. Someone just quit on Friday and the girl who is training me is leaving and seems a little bitter towards the company! Most of the people there have only been there a few months.

With the position I would have to do payroll and in a staffing agency everyone (except my position of course) works on commission. So something about the previous admin making a mistake on the payroll. Of course it made everyone mad. The previous admin insists that she is not leaving on bad terms but all last week all I heard was bad talk about the company.

But like I said I want to be positive about all this and I want to stick it out. This is the job I wanted and have been looking for so I should shut up!

Wtf interview

I was very excited about an interview I had today. The company actually contacted me so that means I didn’t even apply to them. I had applied with them in December and they saved my info. And its only a 4 minute drive from my house! It was scheduled for later this afternoon.

This morning I woke up because I got a call. I ignored it at first and tried to fall asleep again but I couldn’t. So I looked at my phone and saw that there was a voicemail. After checking Facebook, reading a few things on google newsstand and playing sudoku I decided to get up and listen to the voicemail. It was the company I was interviewing with. The position was filled and they were letting me know I didn’t have to go in.

I don’t cuss but wtf!!!! Why would they do that to me?!?!?! And why would they even hire someone knowing there are pending interviews? They don’t even want to give me a chance?

Honest awful truth about pain/pride

I’ve always had lower back pain. When I told my doctor about it she told me to just stretch out my back. That’s usually been working but two weeks ago it wasn’t and my back was in so much pain I was crying. So yet another reason I was crying at work but not because of the usual reason. I had to leave early that day. I slept over at my mom’s house because she had pain meds and she said she didn’t want me driving on those pills (first night without my babysitter). The next day I went to the doctors only to find out…


My dad quit his job. Meaning I have no insurance. Perfect timing right? But thank God for my flexible spending account. And I applied for insurance with my job but it won’t kick in until May 1st… Stupid! Anyway my doctor didn’t have any appointments (not until the 30th!) so I went to the urgent care. They just said I irritated my sciatic nerve somehow.


I decided to pull an FMLA claim. Not for what I thought it would be (my depression) but I couldn’t function on the muscle relaxers the doc gave me so I couldn’t work. So I have to get my primary doctor to fill out some forms (the doctor at the urgent care refused to fill out any paperwork for me!).

I was seriously worried about my back pain because when it happened it was the most painful thing I ever felt. My right foot has been numb since it happened. It’s since faded to only my pinky toe and the ball of my foot. But the pain part has gone away. I looked up my symptoms and there are a few things that could be happening. One just my sciatic nerve is still irritated, two a slipped disk in my back, or early signs of multiple sclerosis. Sciatic never not to big of a deal but the other two are.


Here’s the honesty part. Read with caution! The only reason I’m saying it is because I’m anonymous on here. Anyway, The kind of FMLA I applied for is the kind where you can leave at any time. Here it is guys: I wish it was something… more… serious. If I was then I could leave work at anytime and… people would worry about me more.


The more I write this blog the more I hate myself. A lot of self-realization going on here.

Not so Exciting Interview

I got an interview on Monday! Well… It’s with a temp agency so not really real employment , but hey anything to get away from the customer abuse! I should be happy I even got considered.

I had to take an excel test and I only got one answer wrong so that’s good! When I go in on Monday I also have to take a personality test. I hate those. Of course I answer honestly so if they don’t pick me it’s like… ugh sorry for being myself?


Side note, my sister S got me to start watching Gossip Girl and its ridiculous! If my future kids are anything like that I’ll probably be in jail for beating my kids. How can kids be so ungrateful? But then again here I am complaining about an interview with a temp agency and at the same time crying about the job I have… hmmmm


Lesson to Learn : Gratefulness

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