Love your body challenge


I saw a video on Livestrongwomen youtube channel for a 6 week challenge by By Valentine ’s Day I should look smoking hot!

I would rarely go to the gym. And when I did I could not motivate myself to do anything! Last time I went it took me 25 minutes just to finish a mile!

I saw the secret admires workout and I’ve never done a work out like that before so I tried it today. I went to the gym in my apartment complex and hit the treadmill. The jogging wasn’t too hard for me but I was dreading the sprinting for 2 minutes. I knew it was just for 2 minutes so I watched the clock the entire time. I just kept telling myself, “one minute more, 40 seconds more, 20 seconds more” and I did it! When I was done I saw that I did (drum roll please).. a mile! A whole mile in 15 minutes. That is a major accomplishment for me!

I went to start on the elliptical but it was broken. In fact all of the other machines in my apartment complex gym is broken!!! So today I only did the treadmill but it was a good start.

I can’t wait to see the next videos that do not require going to the gym but in the mean time I will put in a work order request. Let see if they even fix it….


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