My first attempt at blogging

My new year’s resolution is to start writing again.

I say again because I stopped after finishing my creative writing class; even though I completely fell in love with it.

Well I’ve always loved it, but recently I have been toying around with the idea to do it professionally. I am not going to pursue it just yet. I’m scared to honestly. There isn’t much… job security doing it. And I know you have to be REALLY GOOD to actually make money doing it. However I figured that I should start somewhere. I already do write in a journal but there isn’t much accountability there. I imagine on a blog readers expect you to write frequently. That is assuming you have readers…

Anyway, I want to start writing. Just for fun now but perhaps with practice I’ll get better at it and then start to pursue it. So I made it a resolution. My goal is to write in this blog at least once a month.

I welcome any constructive criticism of my writing because I know that I have horrible writing and grammar skills!


Nice to meet you world.


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