Got to start somewhere…

So I think the love your body challenge is made for people who work out on a regular basis. I however am starting from zero. I still am trying though!

Let me give a little background on my body type and lifestyle.

When I was in high school I was in the JROTC program and I was on the PT (physical training) team. We would work out every day after school for at least 2 hours. We would go and compete with other school on various physical activities and my school often won the top five in my state.  That was 5 years ago and I haven’t worked that hard since.

I’ve tried over the years with no success. I joined the gym but I canceled it because I would go like once a month. Waste of money! And honestly I thought I would never need to work out…. I’ve always been very petite; Tiny everything. I almost had the model sizes but my chest was always lacking. I was 32, 24, 36. Hour glass figure! And I thought I would be that way forever because I’m still pretty young and it’s in my genes right? Well I was wrong! My measurements went to 32, 32, 35.

Now I feel weird for sharing my measurements….

But anyways, when I saw how my numbers were increasing I wanted to start doing something about it. I’m kind of disgusting with my new body. After I eat I look like I’m pregnant! I now have a double chin. I have love handles. My boyfriend has noticed the change. What better time to start then the beginning of the year! So I took my measurements today and they are now 32, 28, 36.5.

My work offers some work out classes for free! So I signed up for one cardio class and nutrition class and on top of that I’m trying to sick with the love your body challenge but I have to alter it to my level. Let’s see how I’ll measure up at the end of the challenge.


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