Annoying roommate

So this blog is called lessons as I learn them. Here is one I really need to learn: How to kindly say no.

I rarely see my roommate. I like this arrangement. I work nights and she works days; and I’m usually with my boyfriend over the weekend. But some nights, usually Fridays, she is up and wants to talk.

Tonight she wanted to talk and I didn’t! What am I supposed to do? She was sick so when I got home she came out of her bedroom to tell me all about how she is sick. So the good nice roommate that I am gave her some medicine and sent her to bed. She ended up just standing in her doorway talking to me from my door way. I thought, “Ok she is just telling me something really quick before she is going to bed” but no! She suggests we sit on the couch for a while. My problem is I don’t know how to say no.  I sit with her on the couch and listen to all her stories about work and other friends and her sickness that is keeping her up.

I try to say in a nice way that she needs to go to bed if she is sick. She makes all these weird excuses about how she can’t ; Like it’s too hot. So I say, “Take off a layer of clothes”. She is wearing 3 shirts and sweater and sweat pants with basketball shorts over them! She says then she’ll be cold. I say use just one of the blankets. She has 5 blankets on her bed that she uses every night. She says she does and just puts her feet in but then they start to sweat. No matter what I say she has an excuse to stay up and talk with me

So I give in and let her talk some more. But I had plans tonight! I know it’s not anything too important but I wanted to read my book for school, organize my binders, watch the episodes from parenthood that I missed, and get my laundry ready for tomorrow.

I finally say that I need to get ready for bed and she needs to get to bed too. She gets grumpy about it but I get up and go to the bathroom to take my contacts off. While I’m in the bathroom she is still talking to me from the living room. I just ignore whatever she said and continue to do my nightly routine.

This has happened before. I don’t know what to do about it.


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