Panic attack!

Yesterday I got the call saying my background check was finished so i gave my to weeks because i know I’ve never committed a felony. Today I called the company to make sure everything went through okay.

It didn’t! They think I’m lying about my education!
When I think “background check” I just think criminal history. So I wasn’t even worried about it at all.

Anyway here is the stupid just mistake I made
I have my associates degree in general studies but on my application I put general education.

I’m not 100% sure how the background checking company did it but I’m guessing they just asked yes no questions. I’m thinking they call my school and ask, “Does she have an associates degree in general education?” And they say “no, she has a certificate in general education”

Which I do have but you need that to get an associates in general studies. I got the two mixed up!

I had to dig up all my paperwork ( well actually I had my step dad do it) to find my diplomas. Now I have to fax it to them. Hopefully they will understand its just a stupid mistake. But I’m so worried they will be too picky and still say I was lying.

And I already put in my two weeks! And told some people!
How unbelievably embarrassing would if be if I had to ask for my job back?

When I got off the phone with the recruiter I seriously started crying and going into a panic. I’ve been looking forward to starting this new job and that call was such a kill joy.

Well I’m faxing my diplomas tomorrow and they said they would get back to me on Monday….


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