The story of my babysitter/boyfriend

First let me start by saying that today I put on makeup before I left my house 🙂

Now let me tell you as promised why I call my boyfriend my babysitter.

We met in March 2011 at my old boss’s birthday party.  I got drunk for the first time in my life. I’ve drunk before but never that much (still true till this day). I guess I wanted to look as if I drank regularly and I didn’t have a problem with it even though I rarely drink and I wasn’t even legally allowed to do so (I was 20).

The party ended I was way too drunk to go anywhere so my cousins drove me and the remaining drunk guest to their house.

Now these cousins are… I think called second cousins. I don’t know. In Latin culture cousins are cousins. But they are my real cousins husbands family so I think that would make them… I don’t know but I had only seen them maybe once every two years. Turns out they are close friends to my babysitter. Now I see them at least every other week.

So I threw up 5 times that night! Gross! Then I guess I got super horny and attacked my babysitter when my cousins went to bed.

The following morning my babysitter drove me to my car and asked me to text him when I got home. I’m thinking yeah right that’s what they all say! But we exchange numbers. He texts me asking if I was OK. I wasn’t, I had a hangover from hell. I’ve never had one like that since. I text we need to have sober sex. He response anytime 🙂

I thought, “Just one time then I’ll never see him again.” That is the kind of relationships I had. Sex buddies. When I showed up to his house I was surprised. He took me on a real date. Dinner and a movie.

Oh did I forget to mention he is 21 years older than me? Well he is.

So we go to a restaurant and I’m scared thinking someone might see us. I live in a pretty small town and my family would freak if they saw me with him. He says, “If anyone sees us I’ll just tell them I’m babysitting” and I’ve called him my baby sitter ever since.

Our supposed to be one time fling ended up to be as close to a real relationship as I’ve ever had. I still have a hard time actually saying the word “boyfriend” though. For the first year we were in an open relationship. I had a few other guys I would see. Then one night he said he didn’t want that anymore. It’s weird for me to say but I’ve only been with him for an entire year! I’m proud of myself for that 🙂


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  7. our24yeargap
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 07:17:25

    My “babysitter” often gets called my dad. It has become our little joke.


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