Frizzy Lizzy Update

I did not mention in the other post that I absolutely hate shaving birthday girlmy legs!

Tonight I took the night off of work (my last week by the way) to celebrate my 22nd birthday. The first thing I do to get ready is shower of course; and in the shower I shave my legs. I end up taking an hour shower!

When I tell other girls how long it takes me to shave my legs they freak out. Am I missing something or am I  just super hairy!

The wasted time isn’t the only thing that I hate about shaving my legs. Check this out!

shaved legs

<—-That is my leg after I shaved. If you were to touch my legs they would feel very smooth. But when you see them, they looks like I didn’t shave at all! You can see all the black hairs from underneath my skin!

I’ve tried waxing my legs but it is totally useless because I’ve shaved them sooo much over my life they are to thick for the wax to pick up. I want to do laser hair removal (I’m doing it too my arm pits) but it’s very expensive. So for now I have to have smooth feeling legs but not smooth looking ones :/

I did get my face waxed though. Looks much better.



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