My own party pooper!

My birthday was pretty upsetting…

I sound some kind of diva… But shouldn’t your birthday be the time when you’re spoiled? Or is this another “What weakness” post where I discover how incredibly selfish I am?


I had an appointment with my Tia (Spanish for Aunt) on Friday morning to get my face waxed and nails done. My Tia is an esthetician. She mostly does facials but does waxing too. She works in the back of a nail place. The owner (she’s the one that does nails) is my ex bosses wife. My Tia didn’t get me anything for my birthday… OK that’s fine it happens. But then she suggests that I make an appointment. She never said she would do it for free; she never said she would do it at a discount, and she never told me what the price would be (it’s not posted). I paid 80 dollars for a horrible wax and gel manicure that is already chipping!

Then me and a co-worker planned lunch with a former co-worker. I thought they… would take care of me for my birthday. But I paid for lunch.

I took the night off to go out. Turned out most of my “friends” were busy drinking somewhere else. It was only me my roommate and one other friend. We stopped for some fast food… I paid… Then we get to the club and there is a cover charge… I paid… Then I also paid for a round of drinks!

I did have a good night after a couple of shot, .but seriously! Who pays for everything on their birthday? Someone please tell me I’m not being selfish about it?

Then again it is totally selfish of me to expect everyone to open their wallets for me.

When one of my friends is celebrating a birthday I make sure that they don’t pay for anything. When they attempt to I’m quick to say, “What are you doing? Its your birthday! You can’t pay for anything!” To me this obvious. What everyone is supposed to do. Why wouldn’t it be?!

Another lesson to learn: be ready to pay….



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