dish washing wars / anoying roommate part 3

I was so disgusted with all the dishes in the sink. They were over flowing and there for a whole week. We both had cooked dinner one night after work. The sink was empty when we started cooking (I did them). I used one pot and a big spoon to make pasta.  I used some Tupperware too but that didn’t go into the sink until the next day. Anyway the point is that the sink was mostly filled up with her dishes and they stayed there for a whole week.

Because of the smell I didn’t want to go home. I stayed with my babysitter almost everyday. On the days he worked the next morning I stayed till 10 or 11 and went straight to bed. I finally said something. Well kind of…

She used my crock pot for nachos at work and left it, cheese in all, on the kitchen counter (that one wasn’t there the whole week just 2 or 3 days,but still disgusting). I said, “Were you going to wash this now? Or should I do all of the dishes?”

Instead of offering to do them she proposed a compromise. If I did the dishes she would do all the pots and pans. I thought it wasn’t fair but it was too disgusting and I had to them. She ignored the over flowing sink for a whole week. I wonder if she would have done anything if I didn’t say anything…. ewww


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