farts and number two

I’ve asked a lot of different women about the bathroom in a relationship. Some hide it  forever and but some are open about it. I chose to hide it forever but that is really hard to do with my babysitter. He is such a kid! Every time I go to the bathroom he asks, “number one or number two”.

A couple of months ago he started just farting like crazy in front of me. Its gross and I get so turned off by it! But we end up joking about it. I see it as him being comfortable with me. Well my comfortableness was unexpectedly tested. Twice. Ugh.

I got out of the shower and I was drying off and um… you know how sometimes they just sneak up on you. He heard it. I saw it in his face. He was going to ignore and be the gentlemen but you should have seen his face trying not to laugh.

I had to mention it so I did. “OMG i just farted in front of you!’

I was sooooo embarrassed but we laughed it off.

A few days later I woke up and… had to go. Because my babysitter is so silly and made me feel so comfortable I told him. I felt like I was making a huge accomplishment. Finally doing it in his house. He was happy for me to.

Then later in the day, when he to go too…. Ugh its so embarrassing, but a little something was left behind and he teased me about it all day. I kept telling him to pretend like he never saw it. I’m never going to do that in his house again.

Lesson to learn: make sure its all flushed before leaving the bathroom.


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