Too comfortable in his bed. Uncomfortable at home

I hate spending the night at my babysitters house. I know that sounds horrible but it’s not for the reasons you might think.

spooning-aurora-jenson_largeHis bed is sooooooo comfortable! Then with him spooning me it’s even more comfortable.  I end up sleeping till  8:45am (on a good day) but when I’m home I get up at 7am. I have to be at work by 10. When I’m home I have time to make breakfast and lunch, get fully ready (with makeup), and watch the news. At his house I just barely have time to change and wash up…

This is embarrassing but when I say wash up that doesn’t include a shower. I have a spray bottle that I use for my hair and I wash my face and brush my teeth….

That is gross!!!! I know this about myself and am disgusted!


not my bathroom, just a google search of “messy bathroom”

Tonight I’m home and I hate my own house now. Because I’m rarely home I rarely clean. I mainly just get ready here. So all my makeup and hair stuff and lotions and stuff is all over the bathroom and my room. Then all the trash is over flowing because I’m never here to throw it out.

I pay to live here so I want to be here and take care of my apartment, but I like seeing my babysitter… like everyday.  He doesn’t like coming to my house though because Isabel is here. I don’t know why that matters. It’s not like she is going to be hanging out by the do… oh well actually she might. OK I see that.

Lesson to learn : balance family, work, babysitter, and personal life. And take a freaking shower!


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