An Introduction to the sisters

OK here it is as promised: an attempt to describe my crazy family. Well at least the sisters.

My dad already had one daughter before he married my mom. My oldest sister A; she lives in Texas. I have no idea what the story is there but it ended and my dad married my mom. They had my second older sister N. Then I came along, Dana, nice to meet you 🙂

Sometime after my dad met S’s mom Amy. Amy was N’s tutor in school. Now the details are slim because I was only 5 and most of what I know N told me, but S came along and ended my parents’ marriage.

Apparently Amy’s husband was having fertility issues and I guess they didn’t love each other too so she had an affair with my dad. Amy being a good religious girl (yeah right) decided, after my parents’ divorce, that she didn’t want her daughter to have two dads. So she remarried another man and did all kinds of legal paper work saying that my dad cannot have anything to do with S. She even took his name off the birth certificate and had my stupid dad sign over all parental rights to Amy’s new husband.

Then they got divorced in 2010 (and I think they are still trying to finalize it) and Amy changed her mind. That’s when A, N, and me got a little sister.

More details to come.


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