Craving The Invite / Clean Your Room / Frizzy Lizzy

I’m friends with this girl at work. We’ve exchanged numbers and had lunch together and I’ve always thought of all the people I work with she was the one I was closest to. Not to say that I’m BFF’s with her or anything.

Anyway the other day, on a flipping Tuesday of all days, she invites this guy to go out with her and her friends right in front of me. Then I hear her asking other people… I don’t get asked…

some random pic I found when I googled pathetic. Totally fits right?

some random pic I found when I googled pathetic. Totally fits right?

I feel like I’m a high school kid crazing the invite to a high school dance from a boy I’m crushing on. How pathetic is it that I compare her to a boy I crush on? I wanted to go soooo bad and I felt so… umm I don’t know how to explain it. Uncool? looserish? Heck I’ll even say lonely!

To her defense I had been sick; very noticeably sick. Sneezing and blowing my nose like a trumpet. I figured that is why she didn’t ask me. Honestly, if she did ask me I probably would have still went.  She could have said, “I know your sick but if you want/can stop by”.

Anyways, I just went to my babysitters after work like I’ve been doing basically everyday. I was just there now but he works in the morning so I just came home. I do pay to live here which is crazy because I’m never here and the electric bill is still 165$. (yes I put the $ sign behind the number, I’ve been told I do this wrong my whole life. why put it in the front if its read one hundred and sixty five dollars not dollars a hundred and sixty five. Its my blog I’ll write it how I want!) I don’t think splitting it is really fair, she is obviously using more than I am. No way I’ll get the confidence to tell her that.Clean-your-room

In reference to my uncomfortable at home blog; I’m cleaner but my house isn’t. I really need to grow up and actually clean my room and bathroom! I remember this book when I was a kid. I had a whole series of them called “what to do when your mom or dad says…” The one I’m thinking about “clean your room”. I recently brought it on Ebay because I miss having them even though I’m 22 and I should know how to do it by now! But seriously! I need to make a to do list and stick to it! If my babysitter works every other weekend then I should at least clean my house every other weekend right?

Oh and just a quick frizzy lizzy update (original here, follow up one here) I forgot about that too. I want to say its because I’ve been sick but its not… I’m just lazy! I’ve been sporting no makeup for probably 3 weeks now. I shave when I can which is hardly ever, but with spring starting next week I’ll have to get on that!

If I haven’t set the tone yet let me tell you pain. Not  happy with my life now. I’m supposed to be learning how to be a grown up girl not how to be a slob with no friends!


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