Bikinis and Guantanamo

Hey guys,

Another bikini-series-toneitup-contiki_001thing I wanted to tell you. Remember when I was doing the love your body challenge? Well that same site is doing a bikini series. This is the first time I’m doing it (and i started pretty late..) but it has been on that site for 3 years now. It ends thkatrina-hodgson-before-after-blog1-1024x5662e first day of summer.

I’m still not happy with my body. I have a little muffin top going on that I’ve been wanting to get rid of forever. There is a before and after picture of one of the girls that now hosts that blog and her before picture looks like how I look now.

When I did the love your body challenge I think I stuck with it a little more because I told you guys about and it made me accountable. So this time I’ll also post it on my facebook so that my close friends will know too. Then also I’m thinking about getting an instagram so that I can search with the has tag.

I really like tone it up theyBIKINI-SERIES-BIKINI-CARDIO will give you all the exercises for each and everyday!

I went to the gym yesterday and I was going to do the bikini cardio they posted but then my trainer that I usually go to had me do something else… lesson to learn : say something! I wanted to stick to the plan on tone it up!




President Obama’s speech is interrupting the today show. Now I am republican but I do listen to both sides of the argument and I wanted to know, if we did close Guantanamo bay what would we do with everyone in it? How much does it cost to keep Guantanamo open? Would it be safe for the world to have the people in Guantanamo out and back in their countries?


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