I’m talking about love

Now that the “L” word has been thrown out I starting to think more serious about my future.

My lease at my apartment ends in the beginning of November. My babysitter has asked me to move in. He says he won’t be upset if i don’t but I don’t believe him. I have never lived with someone I’ve dated before and I’m nervous.

For example, I like to do my blogging when I’m alone. If I move in with him where would I do that? What if I get sick? Like stomach problems sick! I can’t do that in the same house as he is in! What if he starts bugging me and I want alone time? Where would I go? I asked him all these questions and I think I might of hurt his feelings.

Then there are other questions I’ve been thinking about… Are we getting married? We do love each other… So what now? With all these questions that are going through my head I got to be honest, the fun has faded. Well its not like its gone or anything i just mean… like before I didn’t care about that stuff I was just free to be with him and have fun. Now I have to think about my future and its a downer! I want to not care about it again but I can’t throw my future away. ugh it sucks being a girl!

I don’t want to work out today or even go to work…

oh and on another note:

That story about the three girls who were missing for over 10 years is amazing. I want to cry every time I see it.


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