Whats on the news? No idea

I wish I knew more about politics and news and stuff like that. But when I try to watch the news I have no idea what they are talking about! And also, let’s be real, what twenty-two year old watches the news at all? When i try to talk to people my age about it they to have no idea whats going on.

But basically i want to know:

What the heck is going on about Benghazi? Can the president really be impeached because of it? What are the whistle blowers saying?

I don’t want to be so ignorant of whats going on in my country. And I don’t want to be swayed by the right or the left I just want to know the facts. And I don’t want to look like a smart but when I do know whats going on and try to tell people about it.  Because when I see other people doing those things it bugs the heck out of me.  Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Is there a plain and simple fact only news channel?Image



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