Unprepared for School and for life Appartently

Today is the first day of school and I don’t have even have my books! Its an online class and no assignments are due for the first week so I just have to get it next week and that’s OK because i get paid on Friday.

I haven’t worked out and I don’t want to! But I look at my body and I hate the way I look.

On a more serious note…. I’m depressed. I have no idea why but I’ve had this problem before. I thought it was because of the new job but I’ve been crying first thing in the morning.In my old job I went to their free counseling thing and it only took me 4 sessions to feel better but it took only a few months for me to feel depressed again. My current job has a similar program and I think instead of doing some free sessions I’m going to ask for a reference to go to someone permanently because when I spoke with someone before she said its hereditary. My grandma and sister were hospitalized for it and my aunt and mom had it.

but I’m soooo embarrassed by it…. The only reason I’m writing about it is because all my followers are complete strangers.


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