a different kind of vagina monologue

I never wanted to write about this because its embarrassing. More embarrassing then admitting I struggle with depression. but after my crazy morning I just had to post about whats been going on.

So for the second time I went to the doctor because I have…. a dryness problem… you know… vaginal dryness!

The first time my doctor changed my birth control and that helped the problem for about 2 or 3 weeks but then it happened again. So this time my doctor changed it again but I told her that I just refiled my birth control so I have a full pack so she told me to get an over the counter estrogen pill in the mean time.

Now followers, when thinking about vaginal dryness your first thought is probably, “just get lube”. I’ve thought of that too but… I’m 22 years old! I don’t want to have to put lube on myself every time i do it. I also don’t want to have to take estrogen but hey, you got to do what you got to do.

Anyway so after the doctors I go to Walgreen to get estrogen pills. I went in and i couldn’t find any. And I’m so embarrassed to even go buy it because what if a guy is at the cash register and they make fun of me inside there head. I couldn’t even  find it in Walgreen anyway then I remembered that at the Wall Mart up the street has a self check out so I went there. I walked through the pills and looked through the feminine hygiene stuff. All I saw there was prenatal vitamins and douche. So cautiously I went to the pharmacy waiting to see if there was a girl pharmacist. When I saw one I tried to get her attention.

her: Can I help you?

me: um yeah my doctor said I should get some ugh estrogen over the counter

her: oh its right there next to the prenatal

and she proceeded to type something in the computer. I went back and sure enough I had looked past the menopause section. But.. I’m not menopausal. I had no idea what i was looking at so I called my mom (for the second time with the same issue) and she told me to just read the box. The box just said supports hot flashes. I don’t have hot flashes! My mom also said to go ask the pharmacist but I got turned off by the girl so I left.

I went to a different Walgreen that had a female pharmacist. And I asked them. They were so much more helpful. She came around and read the box with me and went over the ingredients. She was so helpful that she decided for my specific problem I would have to go to a whole foods or more wholesome store.

So then after filling up my gas tank I went to a more wholesome store. Well I had to get some groceries anyway so I did some shopping (the fruits and veggies are so cheap at those kind of stores).  I stopped at health section before I even got there someone asked me if I was looking for something specific. I told plain and simple, estrogen. She pointed me in the right place. Then I was reading all the boxes and apparently looked a little confused so she asked again. “What exactly did you want it for?” so I told her because she was a girl and seemed nice enough. She spoke about it a little loud like, “oh have you tried lube?”. I told her yes just to shut her up. “well let me get my book” so went and got a giant book of all the natural things you should take because she is not a real pharmacist and came back and showed me. “look its right under vaginal dryness” again  loudly  but at least she helped me and I finally got what i needed!

Lesson to learn:
Just ask the guy pharmacist and don’t be so embarrassed. I wasted all morning! That whole trip was like 2 hours!


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