An intro to the sisters part 2

For fathers day all of my sisters are coming in from out of town. You have already heard a lot about my little sister S with her sexual dilemma. But you still need to meet my other two.

My oldest sister is 28. We can call her A. She is my dads first child. Her mom was apparently very jealous of my mom because my crazy dad was seen them both at the same time. Anyway the point is we don’t have the same mom.

I’ve said this many times and my other sisters get mad at me but its the truth: A is the nicest sister. She is very kind hearted. She always wants to help with something and she is very loving ❤

She has two little girls ages 10 and 7 (the older one just started her period btw!). They have different dads and it didn’t work out with either of them. But A did get married to another man two years ago… and now they want a divorce…

I was talking with my sister about that and really understood what she was going through. No one wanted her to marry the guy and no one really liked him but she loved him. She said she thought if she did everything right, meaning taking an oath in front of God in the church and having a beautiful wedding, everything would just work out.

That is a good lesson to learn right there!

One other thing I want to mention about A. She has the Frizzy Lizzy problem too. More than me! I don’t think i mentioned it in the original Frizzy Lizzy post but basically my whole body is covered in hair! I hate it but at least I can relate with A.

Well that’s a quick story of A. I love her so much!



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