hopeless romantic… just shoot me

I got up early today, and by early I mean 12:30pm, because i had to go back to my apartment to clean (we got roaches!). Then I found out my vacuum cleaner is broke! I’ve seen my step dad fix them it before so I tried but I failed. So i call him and he says to take it over to fix.  My parents live on the other side of town btw. I go over and by this time my babysitter should be awake. I call him. He suggest I just stay until my mom gets out of work and I end up staying at my parents house till about 9:30 pm. I didn’t get to see my babysitter at all today.

I feel stupid! The whole time I was with my parents I was worried about the time; thinking, “If i go now I can see him right before he goes to work. Then I’ll just drive back to my parents and visit.”  I miss him as if I haven’t seen him in months. Even now I’m watch the clock waiting for call because I know when he takes his breaks. And if he is a minute late I call just so that he sees a missed call on his phone. Ugh I’m pathetic!

I wish… I didn’t like…love…him as much as I do. It almost feels like an addiction, almost like obsessive. What ever it is I feel like I’m watching a horrible romantic comedy starring me. Did I mention I hate romantic comedies?


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