One major accomplishment for me

I have a huge fear of roaches. A pure hatred of them! Even going as far as thinking they are made by the devil because they flee from the light. I’m pretty sure that is biblical!

Anyway, when I got home I was greeted by one on the wall next to my bedroom door. I panted, paced the floor, got the courage to actually go into my room but only after immediately shutting it right behind me in case the roach decided to follow me in.

Then something amazing happened. I must have found my big girl panties in my bedroom because I got a flip-flop and opened the door. I just stared at it till finally I aimed and tried to kill it. The first two times I missed but this guy must have been destined to be killed by me because he didn’t even flinch. Third time I hit him but that made him fall off the wall which made me run and scream and shake because i didn’t want him to fall on me, but he landed on the floor. I saw one twitch in his leg and swatted him one more time. swept him up and threw him outside.

lesson to learn :

Have courage

Celebrate the little accomplishments


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