My lazy routine….Got to start somewhere

I made a lovely workout plan. I know its nothing tough but as you all know I’m a lazy couch potato!


go swimming! I live (when I’m not with my babysitter..) in an apartment complex that has a swimming pool and I’ve never once gone for a swim! It’s a great exercise so I should take advantage of it!


I want to have a nice picnic with my babysitter since we are both going to be off. He lives a few blocks from a park that I’ve also never been to. I want to make this recipe that i found on pintrest and then walk to the park.


Me and the babysitter are going to be off together again. He has some plans to do work on the garage. Not planning on doing a whole lot this day but I am going to help him out with what ever he is doing. He is buying sheet rock so I know at least it is manual labor. I’m counting that as workout time.


Since the walk on Monday and the lifting from Tuesday worked my legs and arms I’ll find a work out for abs. Not sure of what I’ll do yet but I’ll find a quick routine that I can do at home.


I’ll find a quick routine for buts


I’ll work my arms out. Maybe just some push ups and triceps dips.


Abs again.

For some reason when i wrote this out i had fun. Writing really does help me get things done. I got a new journal where I’ll start writing out plans like this one. I really want to start doing meal planning. So it will be my food and fitness journal. My babysitter says that I do look better so eating less fast food has helped but I’m actually a little concerned with that because I haven’t been eating full meals. I’ll probably eat only 1 or 2 full meals but then I’ll snack all day long. I like snacking instead of eating meals…. Is that healthy? So If i meal plan I’ll have to plan out snacks instead of meals.


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