paying for awkwardness

Going home is awkward. A horrible way to think of you home I know, but I feel like my roommate hates me!

I usually don’t have to see her because I work nights, but with my stupid schedule I see her on Saturdays and Sundays when I go home to get ready. This morning she was there with her other friend, a girl who tried to fight me once, and they were kind of ignoring me. They just gave the shortest answer they could like: hey, yeah, no, bye. And I like conversation! And its been like that between me and her for a long time now. I feel so unwelcome in my own home. I do pay to live there.

I think she is upset because I’m never home. Which I don’t understand in the slightest. If I’m not there how can I be a problem? She must be a very lonely person or something.

I try very hard to avoid going home when I know she will be there. Which has been fine because me and my babysitter are practically living together. I’m using his computer now for this blog. Which brings me to another point. When I move in with my babysitter, where the heck is all my stuff going to go? I’ll worry about that later.


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