To my favorite doctor; no not the medical kind

Since I started blogging I’ve told very few people that I do it. Today, for the first time ever, I told one person the name of my blog. That would be my creative writing teacher from a few semesters ago.

When I was younger, like preteen age, I would keep a diary and write in it religiously. Then one day my mom found it and read it and I got in a lot of trouble. That day I said I would never write again and ceremoniously burned all my writing (I was a dramatic kid…). Then in college I needed some extra curricular classes and saw creative writing on the list and decided to sign up.

Since then I can’t look at any piece of writing the same and I myself haven’t stopped writing. It has been the most amazing therapeutic way to be myself. And I owe that all to her.

Now, knowing she may be reading at any time, I feel like I have to step up my writing!


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