My Embarrassing Level of Physical Fitness

FYI I found a new app that I’m liking  because its for lazy people like me. Its called Noom. I’m strongly considering buying the full version , which is impressive because I’ve never purchased an app before. Its just like calorie counting and exercising help but it starts at the very very basic level which is what I need.

Guys let me tell you my embarrassing level of physical fitness:

I try to walk around my building at work on my breaks. I usually cheat and just do half way but last night I got brave. I walked around the entire building and did it within 15 minutes! I felt great. I’m sure its not very long or anything but I was glad I did it.

then… the next morning…. I was sore!

To the average Joe it would be so insignificant, but to me it’s another great accomplishment.


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