The Last Straw / Roommate Wars part… whatever

I took Saturday off to celebrate my two nephews and my mom birthday. We decided to meet at my apartment so everyone can go swimming.  I go home in the morning because as you know I stay at my babysitters every night, and when I get into my room I immediately smell… something. I think I left food out and it start rotting or something. Then I went around the corner of my bed and I see it. Throw up all over my white chair.

My roommate and her friend were in the living room just hanging out watching TV and I ask the girl. “did you throw up in my room?”. The flipping idiot girl said, “I don’t know”. I made her clean it up and she did a horrible job. Both her and her friend took my chair I don’t know where to clean it. When they returned it it was still stained. I’ve never wanted to cuss as much as I do now when I think of what happened.

Now… this really is all my fault. I should have said something long ago when I noticed things being moved around or my clothes missing or the fact that I pay half of the electric and internet even though I’m not home half the time! I let people take advantage of me.

Anyway I sent a text to my roommate and told her I’m going to move out. I assumed she would just want to replace my name on the lease with that stupid girl like she mentioned to me a few months ago but all of a sudden she can’t find anyone to replace me. She said she would rather just break the lease and of course there is an early termination fee for that is $1805. I told her I would just pay two months rent which would only be $805 and just move my stuff out and stop paying for the electric and internet.

I’m so upset. My roommate or her stupid friend weren’t even remorseful. When I told her that I wanted to move out she didn’t even ask me why or say sorry or that she understood why I was doing it. In my head I have so many things to say to her like how she violated my trust and I don’t want anyone in my room ever and that I’ve been in her room once when she wasn’t home and I text her before to make sure it was ok, and in my head there is an f word in between each word.

My babysitter said that he was ok with me moving in. I would have done it anyway in two months when the lease ends. So i’ve been moving stuff into his house. I just hate that I’m in this situation. I’m more upset because I’ve lost a friend.


Lesson to Learn:

1) Don’t let people take advantage of you

2) If something is bothering you then say it


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