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I didn’t like my counselor that I started going to so I just stopped making appointments with her and I started feeling better anyways, but now with everything that happened I’m trying to find another person to talk to. I’m sure I’m starting to look crazy when I try to tell every single person who I know the entire story. I just need to talk to someone and I was wanting to get a regular person anyway.

Oh and plus I really really really want to cheat and get them to approve FMLA. I know its horrible! I’m ashamed to have even thought about it , but if I just have a few hours to use of FMLA to get everything in my life in order I would be a happier person and that would mean I would be a better worker right? I still think people take advantage of it though. How would I even bring that up in a session? “yeah my life sucks, can I get time off from work?” I don’t know but I’m considering it.

Writing about all of this makes me even more mad about what happened. My roommate had the flipping nerve to ask me if I’ve seen her stuff obviously implying that I took it. Really?! I wanted to respond saying,  “No but did you notice there are stains on my comforter? Weird how that happened since I don’t sleep here.” And still no apology.



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