Sigh of Relief

I’m officially moved out of my apartment. I’ve been at my babysitters for a whole 2 days. On my day off my step dad helped me move everything out of my room. Then guess who decided to come home for lunch. My roommate of course. Now before that day I have made every effort to avoid her completely.

She saw us moving and just said hi. I told her that I don’t want the chair because it still stinks and it was still stained. I also told her about how I found out my bed spread was stained too. Just the bed spread not the sheets so someone was probably doing it on my bed…. ugh. So I told her I would leave that too.

Then she told me she would replace both of them for me. I was happy. She text me later in the day with a picture of a bed spread asking me if I liked it and I did so I thanked her. Her response made me even more happy. She said what I’ve been waiting to hear since the incident happened. She said not to thank her because it was her fault and that girl was her guest so its her responsibility to replace my things. šŸ™‚


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