Living With the Babysitter

living with my babysitter is different. For one he is a germaphobe in a weird way. He doesn’t like anything on the floor any where else but on the floor. For example I usually wash the floor mats in the bathroom. He leaves them there until they get really really really dirty and then will throw them away and buy new ones. He got upset because I washed one. But the even weirder thing is he has never swept or mopped the floors.


Last night I was the first to sweep and mop them since his hard wood floors were installed (which were put in a few years ago).  I have to say I’ve been dreaming about doing that since the first day I was invited into his home over 2 years ago. His dirt stains are so into the wood that they didn’t all come off but it looks 99.5% better.


Another thing I need to admit is that… some nights I’ve slept into my own bed instead of his. He has upset me sometimes nights. Is this what married couples do? Ugh I didn’t used to believe in co-habitation and i think this is why. Its only been a week how can I not do this!? Not that I’m thinking of leaving or anything but somethings just bug me!  I’m going to have to become much more…. of a woman. My babysitter has been a grown man for a long time and apparently he never learned how to swept or mop.



lessons to learn:

how to be a… wife? No a good woman



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