Whores Revenge

It’s no secret that I had plenty of lovers in my life. My babysitter is the only real relationship I’ve had.  To be honest I thought I wouldn’t ever find someone to… want me just for me and like… be a real girlfriend.

I thought I would never find someone to want me just for me and to just be a real girlfriend. I should have acted like a real woman and loved myself for who I really was instead of what I could do for men. I wish someone would have told me that forever ago.

Sometimes my babysitter likes to joke about that. I know that he doesn’t mean to do it hurtful but he does do it and sometimes it hurt me. He will say things like “that’s what you used to do” when he sees something whorish.  Its true but I hate hearing it. When I tell him about it he says that if I know I’m not like that anymore then it shouldn’t bother me. He is right but so am I.


But real whores get their revenge simply by not being a whore and becoming real women. I would say this is a lesson I already learned.



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