Dirty deeds

Just a  quick update to living with the babysitter. I thought the living room was bad because he never mopped it but last night I did the kitchen. It’s not as obvious as the laminate floors. They are made to look like hardwood so the black spots on the that wood looked awful. The dirt in the kitchen tile kind of blended in and made it look like it was supposed to be that color. Of course when I started mopping and the water came up black with dirt that I saw the true color. I had to get a scrubber and get on my hands and knees! Some tiles came out a beautiful color but other tiles had the dirt caked in. I have to do it again another day because now it looks weird with some tiles clean and other dirty. I guess I need bleach or… something.

This is weird. I’m not used to doing this. Laundry I’ve always done on my own but sweeping and mopping is something that I’ve rarely done. And on those rare occasions that I did sweep and mop it was never on a floor this dirty. I guess I really don’t have to do all this because its clear that he doesn’t care about it if he’s never done it. But this is my house too now and i don’t want to live in a dirty house. Its like I’m becoming that house wife I wanted to be. Slowly, very slowly because I still don’t know how to cook or what to try next on his dirty tiles.

Lesson to learn: How to sweep and mop


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