Old Boobs

I had lunch with an old friend today. Literally, she is 56 years old. We met at my old job and she is a very good friend. If it were possible to only meet her personality and not her face or body you would never guess her real age. She is very fun, energetic, and wild! We don’t see each other often anymore because I don’t work with her but I was missing her spirit so I asked for a lunch date. We had a great time gossiping and I told her about my babysitter and that I live with him now and she told me how she hates the new girl at work and that they don’t get along. Then she told me some more upsetting news.

My old friend had breast cancer when she was 24. She got a mastectomy and then an implant to match the replaced breast.  They found it again but in her ovaries this time. She has to replace the implant with another mastectomy (just to be safe) and loose her ovaries now. I write about it so common and plain like it’s no big deal. But of course it is; its cancer. Her eyes watered for just a second and I gave her a big hug and she was fine again. She is so strong that she is not even making a big deal about it. She joked about how now she is going to have another boob job because her implant had started to sag. And that was that.

I don’t know if the followers that I have really follow me. Like read everything I wrote from the very beginning. But I’ve known myself forever and I know that if I was in my old friends situation I would freak. I wish I was strong the way she is.

Lesson to learn: be strong



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