Kitchen Bells

The cleaning never ends here and I’m so confused on relationship things. I guess it is because my family is a little old fashion but I feel like…. Why aren’t I married yet? What are we doing?

We live together. We say the L word to each other. I don’t see myself with anyone else. I wish he would just ask me. Well to be honest I don’t want to be married right now but I would like to know that he wants to marry me in the future.

I really want to buy things for the kitchen but… If I do are they mine or his or ours? If we were married it would obviously be ours. And everything is so old and needs to be replaced. He saves the butter tub to use for Tupperware and his pots are so old you can see the metal scrapping off on the bottom (toxic I know!) and none of his dishes or his silverware match.



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