I hate my job

I should have listened to everyone when they said this job is going to gong to be stressful but I of course I didn’t. I thought my awesome personality and people skills would out shine anything  any customer could say. Boy was I wrong about myself!

A friend of mine who started with me, actually the same girl I blogged about here, already quit. I ran into her tonight at a local bar. She said she was so much happier with her life now. I’m so jealous! it is hard for me to consider quitting though. If I do I need to get a job that pays pretty good. The job I have now pays for all of my school books included and also I get a night and sunday differential. So i would have to make about 8$ more an hour just to make up for the differential i get…. Not likely to happen. And that isn’t even including my education cost.

But that is to make exactly what I’m making now but before I got this job I was making a lot less and I was surviving pretty well and now rent is a lot cheaper (yes my babysitter charges me rent… is that weird). And of course no one is hiring at this time anyway so… ugh oh great what to do.


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