License to Ignorance

So I got pulled over the other night.

Officer: I pulled you over because your license plate is expired.

Me (in my head) : what you have to renew that?

Me: what!?

Officer: yeah can I see your registration?

Me: **hand the cop my info

Officer: yeah it says right here expires March 2013

I seriously laughed out loud. No joke I thought once you register your car you don’t have to do it anymore. I distinctly remember getting a notice in the mail (it is sent to my mom’s house but I still go over and get it) and being like, “Oh this must be a scam it says you have to pay to register your car!”. I got home and told my babysitter about it and never felt so…. young? No that’s not it…. childish. How could I be so ignorant!?

Anyway I paid for it online and got it today. One hundred and some odd dollars later  (including a big late fee)  my car is registered with the sate again.

Lesson to Learn: check the expiration date!



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