Hospitality Does not Live Here

So I go to my parents house on my days off but today I didn’t want to drive across town to her house because I needed to do things in  the house. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with inviting my family over here instead . I told my babysitter a few days ago and he said as long as it was when he was at work. I have no idea why.  To be fair he doesn’t single out my family, in fact only once in the two and a half years I’ve been with him have I seen him have people over.

Anyways my sister ended up coming 2 hours before I expected her. Meaning yes the babysitter was still here and hadn’t started getting ready for work yet. He flipped out. I don’t see what the big deal is. We weren’t naked, we weren’t doing drugs (and we don’t), we weren’t drunk, we weren’t having sex, we were just watching TV. My sister had all her four kids so luckily we live near a park. We walked there and hung out for a while and when we walked back my babysitter already left for work.

I was also pretty embarrassed by the house. Nothing is really wrong with it but my babysitter is so cheap in the weirdest way that he won’t turn on the heater, our air conditioner is still on.  I told my babysitter I was going to start a fire. He was kind of bugged with that. Ugh no idea why! But I told him I wasn’t going to let my family freeze in my house. I lit the fire and they were still freezing… And other little things too like my baby sitter doesn’t have a dinning room in his house and we ate pizza standing up, or that he has no plastic cups for the kids or that for some reason Netflix didn’t work and we couldn’t watch the show that we always watch when we are all together.

My family is very hospitable. They like entertaining and don’t mind if you show up at the last minute or even if you show up uninvited.  I’m used to that lifestyle. My babysitter not so much. Ugh what am I going to do?



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