Intoxicating Meeting

My real dad was in town for Thanksgiving. I don’t remember if I’ve blogged about him before but if I had I’ll link it here. Anyway my dad drives me crazy and he specifically told me that he never wants to meet my babysitter. Finally I convinced him to meet him but my babysitter didn’t want to do it either. Then magically thanksgiving day they decided to meet each other.

Now this was after dinner so we didn’t eat together. It was also after football so we didn’t watch the game together either. It was just around the time when we would start drinking. Yep my babysitter didn’t come to the house till around 10 o’clock.

They got drunk together.  In all honesty it was great. My dad sober would have probably been rude my dad drunk just kept mumbling and slurring his words, which I’m sure were very insightful. Oh well

I’m glad they met.



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