I know I know, everyone hates it but it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. No idea why everyone hates it. Yeah some of them won’t last but some of them do right? I always make them. So before I go into this year’s resolution let’s review last years.


For one I started writing again. It was my goal to write at least once a month on this blog and I’ve done that!


I wanted to save at least $1200 by the end of 2013. That would be 100 every month and I ended up saving $1300!

Another one of my resolutions was to give more. In 2013 I gave more to my nephews and to my sister and to my missionary friend.


I wanted to start working out more and to eat healthy and to cook. OK I know I didn’t start working out more. That one only happened for the first few months of 2013 but the eating healthy part did last all year! Except the cooking part. I don’t think throwing spinach and veggies in a bowl is really cooking.


I had a resolution to stop complaining but I didn’t meet that one at all. Actually I think that one got worse…


I wanted to read more. Since before I wasn’t reading at all, I did accomplish this one because I finished two books and still trying to finish one more.

OK Now for this year.

  1. Health
    1. This one is not really for the whole year but every time I start it I fail so I wanted to really commit to it. That being the Love Your Body Challenge by Tone It Up
    2. Cook a new recipe

i.      Since last year I failed this one I’m going to make it more specific. I want to make at least 1 new dish (not microwavable) once every two months. ( I started that today)

  1. Go for walks. Maybe just around the neighborhood or even in the mall to go shopping!
  2. Mental stuff
    1. Be more grateful

i.      Say thank you and really mean it to people

  1. Look them in the eye when you say it

ii.      At least weekly take the time to reflect on everything I have and thank God for it

  1. Meet with the counselor at least once a month until I feel better for at least 4 consecutive months. I hate feeling depressed every month and I’m sure it’s because I only see my counselor when I need her instead of regularly.
  2. Leave the country
    1. I want to go on a cruise. If not for sure use my passport to travel (that’s what I wanted to save money for in my 2013 resolution).
    2. Make a friend. I really don’t have any close friends. The ones I have aren’t to trust worthy…

OK I think that’s if, of course if I think of any more I’ll post them.


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