Moms Do It Better

I went to my mom so she can teach me how to make tamales. They are so ridiculously hard to make and I’m not sure I ever want to do it again. It started last night. I brought all the ingredients and took them to my mom’s so that we can put the pork (pork but, it actually said that on the package! PORK BUT HAHAHAH) in the crock pot and have it cook overnight. So we got the meat ready. Then as soon as I woke up I went to my mom’s again. My mom and my sister had already started making one set of masa and I started the next. Thank God for electric mixers because it would have taken much longer. Then spreading the masa was so hard. It sounds like the easiest thing but for some reason it doesn’t spread right unless you have a huge spreader. Then of course adding the meat and folding it all together; which I was doing wrong. “why are you putting so much meat? Don’t press them! Don’t squeeze them! Add more masa!” my mom kept telling me. I looked at her pile of tamales and they made mine look like a child’s art project. I looked at my sister and back at my mom and said, “Are we ever going to be as good as you? At anything?”. We just laughed but its true! Anyway the whole thing took about 6 hours! But I went home with 2 dozen tamales and they tasted pretty good!


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