Love Your Body Challenge Update

be-you-tiful-love-your-body-series-toneitup-toned-up-bravo-tiuI don’t know what it is about me but I’m the most lazy person I know! I can never finish anything I commit to! Well I haven’t cheated on my babysitter and I’m pretty proud of that. Anyway I’m talking about the love your body challenge. I will work out for a week then take a week off then work out the next week. I know that’s not the way its supposed to be!

Something other than my compulsive laziness was holding me back though.  Every time I work out the next day my lower back hurts. Like a lot. I woke up in the middle of the night from the pain! I’ve always had pain in my lower back. When I’ve gone to the doctor they just say to stretch. I don’t want to use it as an excuse because…. I’m embarrassed I’m only 22 years old (well my birthday is at the end of the month so 23 but still) I shouldn’t be having lower back pain like some old lady!

Part of my goals for the love your body challenge was to  wake up at least 11am but I haven’t even been doing that. I have been waking up at noon but I’ll stay in bed and star at my phone till one! The others were to eat healthy and I’ve only eaten at fast food restaurants about 3 times.  So I’m not doing good with my goals either. So anyway I’ll start again tomorrow. I’ll even set my alarm.


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