Fast dreaming

Since my birthday is at the end of January I always fast or go with out something from new years eve till my birthday. I’ve been doing it for the past three years and I like if. Of course the idea of fasting came from when I was a part of the church. I’m not really a practicing Christian (obviously since I’m shacking up with my babysitter) but I learned that fasting something just makes you stronger than  what your body craves; so I still do it. I think it’s a good way to start the year. My babysitter does it with me two and last year he actually went longer than I did. Anyway this year I did alcohol and chocolate. I’ve been doing alcohol since I turned 21 and adding something else to it. Last year I did caffeine and that was hard I actually failed because I forgot about tea. This year was extremely hard! I love love love chocolate! And at work they pass it out all the time.  I wanted to post this because I thought it was funny and this has never happened to me before.


Last week I had two different dreams. Of course I didn’t know they were dreams at the time. I was at a get together and I was drinking. A lot. In my dream I saw my babysitter watching me all upset and I didn’t know why. Then I realized why, I didn’t make it till my birthday. Then I was so upset at myself but at the same time satisfied by the drink.


Same exact dream but with chocolate.


The weird thing about those dreams is that they felt soooooo real. I didn’t realize it when I woke up but actually later in the day when I was tempted to eat chocolate or drink. I would think to myself,


 ” wait a minute I already failed the other day at that party… What party? The one with everyone  watching me… what day was it… wait I didn’t go to any party… was it….. Was it a dream? Ugh it was a dream”


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