cry baby

The other day I left work early. I just walked right out and told my boss I couldn’t finish the day. I had a rude customer and I started crying.  I cry at least once a week at work. Even if they aren’t rude just sitting there at my desk knowing another call is going to come in makes me want to cry.

I’m not over exaggerating guys, I’m a huge cry baby!!!! I hide it really well at work because I don’t want anyone to see me. But then I’ve been getting in trouble for taking longer or extra breaks. But when I do take extra or longer breaks I’m hiding somewhere wiping my pathetic tears away.

Yes, I apply for new jobs every week and still nothing. I made an appointment with my crazy doctor but she didn’t have any appointments till March. So I got to keep going to work until I die. Great.

I’m just procrastinating doing my homework right now. Oddly enough I have to do a writing assignment but this  doesn’t count.

Gosh the more I write the more I hate myself 😦


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