New Years resolutions suck!!! I didn’t finish mine that I had, well I still have all year lol . But I wanted to start making monthly goals. I can make them tie in with the resolutions.  I have been using google newstand and I love it! I’ve been reading about how people get successful and happy and what not. Makes goals is one of them. I’m going to try and do this every month and check back on it. This is like the first time trial run


  • Make lunch
    • I buy stuff to make my lunch then I let it rot in the fridge while I’m going to carls jr.
      • I’m going to  put alarm on my phone every day reminding me to make my lunch


  • Get up
    • I wake usually around noon but then I stay in bed till 2 just staring at my phone (part of that time is my google newstand!!! How ironic that the thing that is helping me become a better person is also the thing that makes me waste all my time in bed!).
      • Same thing alarm on my phone. One to wake up and then another one about 30 minutes later to get up


  • Do stuff
    • At the end of the week I’m shocked that I’ve done absolutely nothing. Then , especially with homework, I’m frantically trying to do everything last minute. Even if  I don’t have anything to do I want to say that I did something all week!
      • Work on the back yard. I’ve been doing that on my days off and its fun
      • Do homework!!! I want to do one thing school related everyday.
      • Apply for more jobs
      • Make a to do list everyday and put stuff on calendar appointments

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SCH
    Mar 04, 2014 @ 20:58:48

    I don’t do new years resolutions either. I find understanding and implementing more successful principles into my life more effective. Good luck on your goals, writing them down is huge!


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