More crying

I should rename my blog, “cry baby blog” or “complaints on life” or “see me cry about something new everyday!”

Still job hunting and still hate my job.People yell at me all day over stupid things and even if they aren’t I’m just so fed up working at my job. Its call after call after call. As soon as I’m done with a call I get a little sigh of relief but another one comes right after and takes my relief away. I get no break from the stress. Well yes I get a break. Two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. But still I hate it soooo bad that I want to get up and leave. Which I have done twice. I seriously don’t understand how people can be in this job for so long. When they hire you they tell you that you can move up right away to a different position but thats not true. You have to take at least 6 months of escalated calls to be considered for any position. And those positions off the phones are never available anyway.

I was going to ask them if I can go part time. I told my babysitter about it and he got so mad. Everything he says makes sense but I don’t think he really understands how hard this job is on me. He says I would just be losing money if I went part time. I do have 3 months salary saved up plus 4 months of car payments and I know how to go without luxuries. I think what he is more sacred of is me at home doing nothing.

I wish I could have seen the future. I applied for the job I have now 4 times before they actually hired me. I was so determined to get this job. I wish I would have done more research on how call centers are. FYI guys don’t be mean to the people you talk to when you have to call into customer service.

Well I do have an interview on Tuesday with the university here for an admin job. How do I say in the interview, “please please please give me a job so that I can be free from this Hell!!!!” without sounding like a brat girl who will never be satisfied with anything in life?


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