Great Acting

Back story if you don’t read all my blogs since the very first day (come on get over yourself you only have 100 followers). I watch Netflix like crazy! Usually a series and I watch like a whole season in 2 or 3 days. I’ve been watching Malcolm in the Middle. I remember seeing it when I was younger and I wanted to start it from the beginning to follow all the characters. I’m loving it! On season 6 by the end of the night I’ll probably start season 7 and finish it. Wow I’m so lame….

Anyway my babysitter watches it with me sometimes because its not really a show that you have to watch from the beginning.

He says,”cool Heisenberg”

I think, “ummmm…. What?”

he reads my mind, “that’s the same actor Brian Cranston”

I’m seriously blown away. Hats off to Brian Cranston. His acting is so good I can’t even tell that Hal and Walter are the same guy because the characters are so different! Just thought I would share that with my 100 followers. Image


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