4 1/2 hours later —> lasagna

I made this!!! Yes me! The same girl who has ruined eggs! I made lasagna!

lasagna lasagna 2

I don’t usually eat lasagna but a friend at work said it was easy to make. It’s not. Well maybe it is if you use canned sauce but I wanted to really cook and using store brought sauce is cheating.  So I made everything on my own! I was so proud of myself. It came out tasting ok. Ok? Well it’s not the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted but it is the best lasagna I’ve ever made (yes, it’s the only one I’ve ever made).


The recipe says it takes 3 hours and 15 min but it took me about 4 and a half. All the chopping and mixing and stirring and coming back to the recipe to make sure I’m doing it right is what took up the most time.  But when it was all finished I’m happy with it! Yay!!!!


I want to do more…. Women stuff so this is the start.


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