Visitors will be impressed by my porcelain

My little sister S is coming to town. I somehow convinced my inhospitable babysitter to let her stay here.  He said as long as we aren’t here on the morning when he sleeps. So I have to find us something to do.

I cleaned the house up. More woman stuff! My babysitters toilet is gross. I tried to clean it before and none of the stains around the rim came off. How the heck does crap and pee get suck way under the rim?  Anyway my babysitter said to use pumice stone. It works! Takes forever and makes a horrible sound scrapping against the porcelain but now it’s clean! I don’t have to be disgusted when I use my own bathroom!!!

Lesson to learn: get rid of nasty toilet stains with pumice stone.


Run Away

ugh so this semester I decided to take 3 classes. I already regret it and I’m only 6 weeks in. I’m just sick of being so behind in school. People my age already have a bachelors degrees and careers.

I know…. I always hear it… There are people who go to work full time and take a full class schedule and have kids and there doing it just fine. I hate it when people say that. How do they expect me to respond? “I must be stupid or something” is what I always say then they feel bad about it. But that is honestly the right answer. When I did take a full class schedule (4 classes) while working full time I failed almost everything. That’s why I started only doing one class at a time. Changed my mind this semester and now I want to quit everything and run away!!!

And Like I’ve said many times before; i hate my job. I want to quit so bad!!! I’ve been putting out about 5 resumes out a week and still haven’t heard anything! I’ve gotten the email response saying that I haven’t gotten the job but no call backs or interviews. I feel like its hopeless!!! A customer told me “F**K you” for the first time. They have said the F word on the phone but not directly at me. I don’t understand how people can stay in that job for so long.

And since we started drinking again now that my birthday pasted for some reason my babysitter has been getting drunk a lot. He gets mean when he is drunk and its hard to deal with. Especially if I’m sober! Its like taking care of a little kid I hate it. And the next day he hates it too but he still does it.

And my family has been bugging me a lot especially my sister. Her gallbladder decided it need to come out. She had the surgery and now she needs someone to take care of her because she can’t pick up her baby. Did I ever write about that? Oh yeah well fyi she had a baby anyway. I understand that she had the surgery and needs extra help but its not only after she has surgery that she expects everyone to wait on her hand and foot. She is always having someone do something for her or her kids. I’m sure I sound extremely selfish right now but I don’t care! Everyone has always catered to her and they get made when I don’t go over and visit. I can’t take it at my parents house with all the kids there running around and my sister expecting me to help her.

Seriously I want to run away for a week or something where I don’t have to answer to anyone and I don’t have to be responsible for anything. I’m going insane! What do people do when they feel like this?

Moms Do It Better

I went to my mom so she can teach me how to make tamales. They are so ridiculously hard to make and I’m not sure I ever want to do it again. It started last night. I brought all the ingredients and took them to my mom’s so that we can put the pork (pork but, it actually said that on the package! PORK BUT HAHAHAH) in the crock pot and have it cook overnight. So we got the meat ready. Then as soon as I woke up I went to my mom’s again. My mom and my sister had already started making one set of masa and I started the next. Thank God for electric mixers because it would have taken much longer. Then spreading the masa was so hard. It sounds like the easiest thing but for some reason it doesn’t spread right unless you have a huge spreader. Then of course adding the meat and folding it all together; which I was doing wrong. “why are you putting so much meat? Don’t press them! Don’t squeeze them! Add more masa!” my mom kept telling me. I looked at her pile of tamales and they made mine look like a child’s art project. I looked at my sister and back at my mom and said, “Are we ever going to be as good as you? At anything?”. We just laughed but its true! Anyway the whole thing took about 6 hours! But I went home with 2 dozen tamales and they tasted pretty good!

Intoxicating Meeting

My real dad was in town for Thanksgiving. I don’t remember if I’ve blogged about him before but if I had I’ll link it here. Anyway my dad drives me crazy and he specifically told me that he never wants to meet my babysitter. Finally I convinced him to meet him but my babysitter didn’t want to do it either. Then magically thanksgiving day they decided to meet each other.

Now this was after dinner so we didn’t eat together. It was also after football so we didn’t watch the game together either. It was just around the time when we would start drinking. Yep my babysitter didn’t come to the house till around 10 o’clock.

They got drunk together.  In all honesty it was great. My dad sober would have probably been rude my dad drunk just kept mumbling and slurring his words, which I’m sure were very insightful. Oh well

I’m glad they met.


A bunch of random updates to my life

Frizzy Lizzy update part 3

In My Frizzy Lizzy post I said that I wanted to start being girly and taking care of myself but… that didn’t happen. Last night I thought it might have something to do with my other embarrassing problem. I feel so… unattractive. When I first started seeing my babysitter I was so girly and dressed up and did my hair and makeup. Now I’m just blah unless on the rare occasion we go out. But maybe getting myself all pretty for no reason will get my juices flowing.

Fitness?  Yeah right

Again I stopped working out because I’m a lazy bum I guess.  This probably contributes to my problem as well as the Frizzy Lizzy does because I don’t feel pretty any more. My schedule for work is changing (swing shift) so I should be able to work out before work now, but as far as the motivation to actually do it.. We’ll see. But I guess I, have to because I’m sure it will help with my problem. If I lose some weight I’ll feel more sexier!

No more relationship drama

Me and my babysitter are fine. We just kind of talked about things and everything was fine.

Yes I go to school

This semester is surprisingly easy. Usually online classes are harder for me but not this class. I’m majoring in business if you forgotten because its been forever since I blogged about school. The class I’m taking now is business law and it’s actually interesting! It will still take me forever to finish since I only take one class at a time though.

Age 22 on the outside 43 in my mind

With my little sister in town last week I felt… lame. She is 17 and she parties more than me. I’m 22 and stay at home every night and just watch TV with my babysitter. I think he actually goes out more than I do! I need to go out more. This sounds totally bad but I need to drink more. I don’t want to be lame but at the same time I want to be… responsible. Can you do both?

Cha ching!

I’ve run out of money! Well not really, but I don’t know what happened to a lot of it.  I have really good credit, and because of that my credit limit keeps getting increased. So I started using my credit card more because I didn’t want to spend all of the money in my bank account. Now I’m thinking bad idea. I don’t know what the heck I brought over only 2 weeks but now I have to pay back about 1000$ including my regular bills…. Great that kind of means I can’t go out.


So there are all my updates. I really want to try to write more than I do now just because I started this blog to improve my writing. I don’t’ think it’s even approved 😦


An intro to the sisters part 2

For fathers day all of my sisters are coming in from out of town. You have already heard a lot about my little sister S with her sexual dilemma. But you still need to meet my other two.

My oldest sister is 28. We can call her A. She is my dads first child. Her mom was apparently very jealous of my mom because my crazy dad was seen them both at the same time. Anyway the point is we don’t have the same mom.

I’ve said this many times and my other sisters get mad at me but its the truth: A is the nicest sister. She is very kind hearted. She always wants to help with something and she is very loving ❤

She has two little girls ages 10 and 7 (the older one just started her period btw!). They have different dads and it didn’t work out with either of them. But A did get married to another man two years ago… and now they want a divorce…

I was talking with my sister about that and really understood what she was going through. No one wanted her to marry the guy and no one really liked him but she loved him. She said she thought if she did everything right, meaning taking an oath in front of God in the church and having a beautiful wedding, everything would just work out.

That is a good lesson to learn right there!

One other thing I want to mention about A. She has the Frizzy Lizzy problem too. More than me! I don’t think i mentioned it in the original Frizzy Lizzy post but basically my whole body is covered in hair! I hate it but at least I can relate with A.

Well that’s a quick story of A. I love her so much!


An Introduction to the sisters

OK here it is as promised: an attempt to describe my crazy family. Well at least the sisters.

My dad already had one daughter before he married my mom. My oldest sister A; she lives in Texas. I have no idea what the story is there but it ended and my dad married my mom. They had my second older sister N. Then I came along, Dana, nice to meet you 🙂

Sometime after my dad met S’s mom Amy. Amy was N’s tutor in school. Now the details are slim because I was only 5 and most of what I know N told me, but S came along and ended my parents’ marriage.

Apparently Amy’s husband was having fertility issues and I guess they didn’t love each other too so she had an affair with my dad. Amy being a good religious girl (yeah right) decided, after my parents’ divorce, that she didn’t want her daughter to have two dads. So she remarried another man and did all kinds of legal paper work saying that my dad cannot have anything to do with S. She even took his name off the birth certificate and had my stupid dad sign over all parental rights to Amy’s new husband.

Then they got divorced in 2010 (and I think they are still trying to finalize it) and Amy changed her mind. That’s when A, N, and me got a little sister.

More details to come.

My little sister’s sexual dilemma part 3

I talked to my dad and apparently he was already speaking to S’s mom. She is stubborn. Considering the complicated situation there isn’t much my dad can actually do; like legally (it’s a long story regarding my crazy family story that I haven’t posted about, soooo sorry!).

I sent her a text today telling her that she doesn’t need her mom to go with her. It’s really up to her now. I’m scared though. She is so dependent on everyone I’m not sure if she… can do anything on her own. When I told her to look into Planned Parenthood she asked, “I don’t even know where to find one of those.” I was so bugged when she said that. Information can fit into your palm and S doesn’t know how to use it.


My little sisters sexual dilema part 2

I quickly read through my original post and I still need to write about my crazy family! Sorry readers.

Anyway, I found a place for my little sister!

When I typed that I realized how stupid it is. My sister S lives over a 1000 miles away. Wait let me Google map it…. 1800 miles away and I found a county clinic that is low-cost and her mother couldn’t thin of what to do only that she couldn’t possibly go to Planned Parenthood.

Well I found one and sent her the web link. She said she forwarded it to her mom and her mom is “looking into it”. I wonder what her mom will do… I’d like to think that she would schedule an appointment but I also know (not that I’m a mother or anything) that she wants to have a virgin daughter.


My little sisters sexual dilema

My family situation is complicated. Too complicated to include in this blog but I promise to later.  But in order for this story to work I need to give a few details.

I have a long lost little sister. We can call her S.  I met her in 2010. We have seen each other for four different occasions. Before this I was the baby and now I love being a big sister 🙂

Anyway, her crazy mom (we have different moms same dad) thought she would ask all of us (the other sisters) to talk to S about sex! My older sisters were upset about this. They thought something like, “We don’t even know this girl why would we be the ones to talk to her?”

But I was happy to do it as her big sister. But the thing is, she is already having sex! On one of those four occasions me and my older sister interrogated her about her life. Naturally.

Now her mom is asking that I talk to her! So I did. I questioned S about all the usual things starting with:

Does your mom know? She knows now.

Are you seeing someone now? Not really

What does that mean? We do stuff…

I told her that was bad and not to let “senior boys” run their mouth about her. I’ve had the same thing happen to me in high school. But I feel that I can’t tell her not to have sex… That would be hypocritical of me. I started every young. Anyway I told her she needed to get on birth control and get tested. She said her mom didn’t have a job that offered health insurance so she can’t.

I don’t know much about Planned Parenthood but I do know they give birth control to people without insurance for pretty cheap. But her mom is super into the church and refused to have anything to do with it!  Now my poor little sister has to be without it!? Her mom is crazy! Why wouldn’t she want her on birth control?!

I know what her mom wants: for her daughter to stop having sex.

I wish I was a virgin… but a 16 year old wouldn’t understand that. It’s unreasonable to expect her daughter to give up sex. Worse to blame it on the fact that she doesn’t like Planned Parenthood. A friend told me that every county has public health clinics that don’t require health insurance. I asked S for her zip code (we live in different states) so I will look into it for her… Sucks…


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