Is This Chicken Raw?

I’m trying to cook. Really I am! I just can’t do it!!!! I brought some chicken drumsticks and thought I would make some baked fried chicken. I followed this recipe

IMG_20140505_191204_179I got to say the crust was really good and crispy but… I think it might have been a little raw. My babysitter said he just put it in the microwave for about two minutes and he said it was fine but.. I’m upset with myself! I can’t even bake chicken!

Especially now I feel the need to cook more. Now that with my new job my lunch is at noon (which is when I used to wake up!) I’ve been stopping at McDonald’s or Chick-fil-A or where ever else and it’s not doing me any good. So I got to learn to cook already!!! UGH!


Visitors will be impressed by my porcelain

My little sister S is coming to town. I somehow convinced my inhospitable babysitter to let her stay here.  He said as long as we aren’t here on the morning when he sleeps. So I have to find us something to do.

I cleaned the house up. More woman stuff! My babysitters toilet is gross. I tried to clean it before and none of the stains around the rim came off. How the heck does crap and pee get suck way under the rim?  Anyway my babysitter said to use pumice stone. It works! Takes forever and makes a horrible sound scrapping against the porcelain but now it’s clean! I don’t have to be disgusted when I use my own bathroom!!!

Lesson to learn: get rid of nasty toilet stains with pumice stone.

4 1/2 hours later —> lasagna

I made this!!! Yes me! The same girl who has ruined eggs! I made lasagna!

lasagna lasagna 2

I don’t usually eat lasagna but a friend at work said it was easy to make. It’s not. Well maybe it is if you use canned sauce but I wanted to really cook and using store brought sauce is cheating.  So I made everything on my own! I was so proud of myself. It came out tasting ok. Ok? Well it’s not the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted but it is the best lasagna I’ve ever made (yes, it’s the only one I’ve ever made).


The recipe says it takes 3 hours and 15 min but it took me about 4 and a half. All the chopping and mixing and stirring and coming back to the recipe to make sure I’m doing it right is what took up the most time.  But when it was all finished I’m happy with it! Yay!!!!


I want to do more…. Women stuff so this is the start.

Short term fix of pansy’s and blogging

I went to my…. Crazy doctor yesterday. I told her how I cry out work and she said I should get short-term disability. I’m hesitant to do it. I feel like I would be taking advantage of the system. But at the same time I’ve been getting in trouble for unplugging from my work phone because I’ve been crying so much.

My babysitter is so annoyed with me. I know why he feels that way. He thinks I’m just a lazy cry baby. And to be honest that is what I am but I can’t stop my crying! But I want to take the time. When I told my crazy doctor she said the only bad thing about short-term disability is that you have to go back. So that sucks. I just want to have a job where I’m happy!

I’ve been trying to put out more resumes. I’ve been keeping track. Since Wednesday I’ve put out 23 applications. I got a no from one of them just two days after. How can they decide so quickly? But then again I wish they all got back to me that quickly so then I don’t have to be wondering all this time. I know I’ve sent out dozens and dozens of applications and I’m sure some are still floating around and I’m here waiting for any sign that any one of those companies have the slightest interest in me. Its… pathetic…


One thing that does help is gardening. Thank God winter is almost over. Its been sunny where I live so I brought some pansy’s. They are my favorite flower. When I saw the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland the scene where she talks with the flowers stuck with me. The pansy’s look like little kids and I still see those faces when I see the flower. I even sing the song golden afternoon song :). Next I’m going to buy some daffodils.

Another thing that helps is this. Writing. Have you noticed I’ve been posting more? I like to write poetry and short stories. I haven’t done it in a long time but lately I’ve been getting ideas for stories or the perfect image. I was advised not to post any of that on the blog though. But doing it helps. A lot.

Soy Mocha

I’m not a coffee snob but I am lactose intolerance. I usually just drink lactose anyway but today I didn’t want to run to the bathroom. I ordered a soy mocha from Starbucks. Thirty minutes later… I’m sure it wasn’t soy… 


Sorry I know its gross! But I thought it was funny and wanted to share LOL

home cooked VS take out



Found this article and wanted to share it but they should have included the recipe!

Fast dreaming

Since my birthday is at the end of January I always fast or go with out something from new years eve till my birthday. I’ve been doing it for the past three years and I like if. Of course the idea of fasting came from when I was a part of the church. I’m not really a practicing Christian (obviously since I’m shacking up with my babysitter) but I learned that fasting something just makes you stronger than  what your body craves; so I still do it. I think it’s a good way to start the year. My babysitter does it with me two and last year he actually went longer than I did. Anyway this year I did alcohol and chocolate. I’ve been doing alcohol since I turned 21 and adding something else to it. Last year I did caffeine and that was hard I actually failed because I forgot about tea. This year was extremely hard! I love love love chocolate! And at work they pass it out all the time.  I wanted to post this because I thought it was funny and this has never happened to me before.


Last week I had two different dreams. Of course I didn’t know they were dreams at the time. I was at a get together and I was drinking. A lot. In my dream I saw my babysitter watching me all upset and I didn’t know why. Then I realized why, I didn’t make it till my birthday. Then I was so upset at myself but at the same time satisfied by the drink.


Same exact dream but with chocolate.


The weird thing about those dreams is that they felt soooooo real. I didn’t realize it when I woke up but actually later in the day when I was tempted to eat chocolate or drink. I would think to myself,


 ” wait a minute I already failed the other day at that party… What party? The one with everyone  watching me… what day was it… wait I didn’t go to any party… was it….. Was it a dream? Ugh it was a dream”

Love Your Body Challenge Update

be-you-tiful-love-your-body-series-toneitup-toned-up-bravo-tiuI don’t know what it is about me but I’m the most lazy person I know! I can never finish anything I commit to! Well I haven’t cheated on my babysitter and I’m pretty proud of that. Anyway I’m talking about the love your body challenge. I will work out for a week then take a week off then work out the next week. I know that’s not the way its supposed to be!

Something other than my compulsive laziness was holding me back though.  Every time I work out the next day my lower back hurts. Like a lot. I woke up in the middle of the night from the pain! I’ve always had pain in my lower back. When I’ve gone to the doctor they just say to stretch. I don’t want to use it as an excuse because…. I’m embarrassed I’m only 22 years old (well my birthday is at the end of the month so 23 but still) I shouldn’t be having lower back pain like some old lady!

Part of my goals for the love your body challenge was to  wake up at least 11am but I haven’t even been doing that. I have been waking up at noon but I’ll stay in bed and star at my phone till one! The others were to eat healthy and I’ve only eaten at fast food restaurants about 3 times.  So I’m not doing good with my goals either. So anyway I’ll start again tomorrow. I’ll even set my alarm.

Moms Do It Better

I went to my mom so she can teach me how to make tamales. They are so ridiculously hard to make and I’m not sure I ever want to do it again. It started last night. I brought all the ingredients and took them to my mom’s so that we can put the pork (pork but, it actually said that on the package! PORK BUT HAHAHAH) in the crock pot and have it cook overnight. So we got the meat ready. Then as soon as I woke up I went to my mom’s again. My mom and my sister had already started making one set of masa and I started the next. Thank God for electric mixers because it would have taken much longer. Then spreading the masa was so hard. It sounds like the easiest thing but for some reason it doesn’t spread right unless you have a huge spreader. Then of course adding the meat and folding it all together; which I was doing wrong. “why are you putting so much meat? Don’t press them! Don’t squeeze them! Add more masa!” my mom kept telling me. I looked at her pile of tamales and they made mine look like a child’s art project. I looked at my sister and back at my mom and said, “Are we ever going to be as good as you? At anything?”. We just laughed but its true! Anyway the whole thing took about 6 hours! But I went home with 2 dozen tamales and they tasted pretty good!

Sweaty shirt

wow I’ve never sweated so much in my life. Drips rolling down my face and back and ugh it was crazy!

Hot yoga is really hot if you guys didn’t know. I’ve never done it and I’ve always wanted to because…. I can’t touch my toes… super embarrassed by it but finally decided to go. I brought a groupon for 20 classes at a local gym. They recommend doing a warm and gentle yoga (at 85 degrees)  before the hot yoga (105 degrees!) so that’s what I did and I’m glad because I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to handle it! My shirt was drenched it was disgustingly comforting. Afterwards I felt like I was floating on air from the breathing and the heat.

long story short I’m going back!

lessons to learn: try something new

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