More Updates to my life

I  still love the new job.

Me and the babysitter have been going to the lake a lot since its summer. We have also been just going out a lot like to a bar or a club.

The house is pretty much clean all the time.

I still can’t cook and I’m still a lazy bum. I’ve been gaining weight… I have flipping Celsius now! How the heck did that happen when I’m only like 115 lbs?

I have no money now because the new job doesn’t pay well… its been really hard because I’m somewhat of a shopaholic

As far as frizzy lizzy goes I do shave my legs but lately I haven’t been feeling girly. I need to start doing my hair or something.

School starts again in about a month. I’m nervous because I’ve been out for a while. but I’m only taking two classes. Managerial Accounting and Calculus

I’m going to a community college for business then I’m going to transfer to a university.

Still have no friends really just my family and my boyfriends friends. (sometimes I still say babysitter but I think we are close enough for me to call him my boyfriend. Its been three years already!)


Ok so there are the updates. Looks like I still need to start cooking and working out and make sure I do good in school. Maybe make a friend from class and doing girly things or something


Oh and budget! I need to start budgeting like crazy because I got a huge pay cut but I still want to do everything I do! I’ve heard is a good place but I’m also a little scarred of putting my bank account into that site. I used to go to this blog calls wisebread and get some ideas from there. Look like I got to start that again.


Whats with brand names?

Spring break is over and now I’m doing homework again. I hate my life. Anyway, interesting topic in our online group discussion for microeconomics and I thought i would share it with everyone.

Why is brand loyalty so powerful among consumers?

I want to answer that  It basically says, “hey I paid a lot of money for this look at me I’m so cool” but I don’t think the teacher is looking for a smarty pants answer but I got nothing else!

Just going to wait to see what other people post first….

Homework and résumés

A little more than a week into this goal thing. Its OK. Some days i still stay in bed all day but, on the days i don’t, I feel a lot more productive and end up having free time. I still had to do all my homework last minute so this week I definitely need to do more homework during the week instead of my days off.

I had my interview on Tuesday then I got a computer generated email on Friday saying that I didn’t get it.

Today I cried again at work. I credited an account $88.50 and the customer still wanted more and proceeded to yell at me. I’ve learned that people are really spoiled and that I need to put a lot more résumés out then I am now because I still don’t have another job.

To my favorite doctor; no not the medical kind

Since I started blogging I’ve told very few people that I do it. Today, for the first time ever, I told one person the name of my blog. That would be my creative writing teacher from a few semesters ago.

When I was younger, like preteen age, I would keep a diary and write in it religiously. Then one day my mom found it and read it and I got in a lot of trouble. That day I said I would never write again and ceremoniously burned all my writing (I was a dramatic kid…). Then in college I needed some extra curricular classes and saw creative writing on the list and decided to sign up.

Since then I can’t look at any piece of writing the same and I myself haven’t stopped writing. It has been the most amazing therapeutic way to be myself. And I owe that all to her.

Now, knowing she may be reading at any time, I feel like I have to step up my writing!

A bunch of random updates to my life

Frizzy Lizzy update part 3

In My Frizzy Lizzy post I said that I wanted to start being girly and taking care of myself but… that didn’t happen. Last night I thought it might have something to do with my other embarrassing problem. I feel so… unattractive. When I first started seeing my babysitter I was so girly and dressed up and did my hair and makeup. Now I’m just blah unless on the rare occasion we go out. But maybe getting myself all pretty for no reason will get my juices flowing.

Fitness?  Yeah right

Again I stopped working out because I’m a lazy bum I guess.  This probably contributes to my problem as well as the Frizzy Lizzy does because I don’t feel pretty any more. My schedule for work is changing (swing shift) so I should be able to work out before work now, but as far as the motivation to actually do it.. We’ll see. But I guess I, have to because I’m sure it will help with my problem. If I lose some weight I’ll feel more sexier!

No more relationship drama

Me and my babysitter are fine. We just kind of talked about things and everything was fine.

Yes I go to school

This semester is surprisingly easy. Usually online classes are harder for me but not this class. I’m majoring in business if you forgotten because its been forever since I blogged about school. The class I’m taking now is business law and it’s actually interesting! It will still take me forever to finish since I only take one class at a time though.

Age 22 on the outside 43 in my mind

With my little sister in town last week I felt… lame. She is 17 and she parties more than me. I’m 22 and stay at home every night and just watch TV with my babysitter. I think he actually goes out more than I do! I need to go out more. This sounds totally bad but I need to drink more. I don’t want to be lame but at the same time I want to be… responsible. Can you do both?

Cha ching!

I’ve run out of money! Well not really, but I don’t know what happened to a lot of it.  I have really good credit, and because of that my credit limit keeps getting increased. So I started using my credit card more because I didn’t want to spend all of the money in my bank account. Now I’m thinking bad idea. I don’t know what the heck I brought over only 2 weeks but now I have to pay back about 1000$ including my regular bills…. Great that kind of means I can’t go out.


So there are all my updates. I really want to try to write more than I do now just because I started this blog to improve my writing. I don’t’ think it’s even approved 😦


Unprepared for School and for life Appartently

Today is the first day of school and I don’t have even have my books! Its an online class and no assignments are due for the first week so I just have to get it next week and that’s OK because i get paid on Friday.

I haven’t worked out and I don’t want to! But I look at my body and I hate the way I look.

On a more serious note…. I’m depressed. I have no idea why but I’ve had this problem before. I thought it was because of the new job but I’ve been crying first thing in the morning.In my old job I went to their free counseling thing and it only took me 4 sessions to feel better but it took only a few months for me to feel depressed again. My current job has a similar program and I think instead of doing some free sessions I’m going to ask for a reference to go to someone permanently because when I spoke with someone before she said its hereditary. My grandma and sister were hospitalized for it and my aunt and mom had it.

but I’m soooo embarrassed by it…. The only reason I’m writing about it is because all my followers are complete strangers.

First day of school

Today was my first day of school. I got up early, did my work out, got my backpack ready and left excited for my first day. I showed up early and waited for the class before mine to end. My class wasn’t scheduled to start till 12:30 so I waited. 12:30 came and the class still wasn’t over.

Am I in the wrong class? The wrong building? The wrong campus?

So I got on my phone and looked it my schedule. Right class, right building, right campus, wrong day!

I thought I had a Tuesday Thursday class but I have a Monday Wednesday class! So I missed the first day already! Bad start to the spring 2013 semester!

But is ok. I’m ready! And Like I said in my about me section my one class is going to get passed with flying colors!

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